About The Brand



Michelle Meler believes in the power of self-expression through fashion. At Michelle Meler Studio, we focus on designing capsule collections that are composed of unique and versatile high-end pieces for women who wish to evoke how they feel by blending their favorite looks into infinite ensembles for every mood and any occasion. The heart of our collections is always a result of versatile design and the customer’s own interpretation.




The garment’s aesthetic derives from a desire to create statement pieces that stand strongly on their own and interact beautifully when combined. For every piece we explore how it will interact with the other pieces and with the female body. The result is a combination of silhouettes that seem to be in movement even when standing still.




Creative collaborations with our clients are incredibly powerful and continue to yield our most elegant results. Our open-ended Pret-A-Porter line invites the Michelle Meler customer to style limitless piece combinations as they wish. By adding our pieces to their wardrobe, our customers expand their possibilities for styling within our line and their existing clothes. Women should be conscious about what hangs in their closet, and Michelle Meler Studio rejects fashion that is designed to be worn once but discarded later.  By Innovating the concept of today's “dress”, we encourage women to become sustainable consumers and commit to fashion that looks good, feels great, and can be worn endless times. For Michelle Meler, luxury means versatility.